What a wonderful week!

It has been a real pleasure to welcome our new Year 10 cohort, who threw themselves in and showed themselves to be a motivated and enthusiastic bunch of young adults.  The Induction Week was action-packed with a range of activities designed to introduce students to types of experiences they can expect from Studio School.  The week started with a variety of ‘Get to Know You’ activities, Project-based Learning and a Dressing to Impress workshop.  We have been out and about visiting UKSA, the Classic Boat Museum and even a riverside walk to Newport.  Luckily it didn’t rain too hard.  Students have had a taster of lessons and sat Entrance Exams to give staff a clear understanding of where they are in their subject areas and how they can quickly accelerate their progress.  Year 11 joined us on Wednesday and it was great to see them eager to get down to business.  This is an important year for them and we look forward to working with them on their journey towards exams.

This week has only been the beginning and students can look forward to a range of planned activities over the next few weeks and beyond.  Some of the highlights are: a speed meeting with Island businesses, the much loved ‘Handshake Clinic’, IOW Day, the MacMillan Coffee Morning, a trip to the Southampton Boat Show and the IOW Literary Festival to name but a few.

Further information about upcoming events can be found on the events calendar.


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