Blog submitted by Jack Myles, Studio School Student, aged 14.

On Friday morning at school we hosted the Macmillan coffee morning for friends, families and the local community to attend. At the start of the day all the students moved around the chairs and tables to make it look like a café, whilst this was happening a selection of students prepared the homemade cakes and buns as well as the coffee and tea. When the people started to arrive, we were serving the first few people that wanted food and drink. All was going well until things needed to be washed up!

All hell was breaking loose near the sink as we needed to wash up all the plates and teacups and return them to the counter to be used and washed again, the cycle never ends!

It was all worth it though as a good time was had by all and we raised a terrific £120. for the Macmillan Cancer Trust, who do a fantastic job supporting families affected by cancer.


For more information about this good cause visit:




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