Richard White, Headteacher of IOW Studio School, was recently chosen to represent the UK Studio School Trust at the prestigious World Innovation Summit for Education (W.I.S.E.) in Doha, Qatar, 14-16 November 2017.


‘I was thrilled to be invited to represent the UK Studio Schools at this illustrious event. Delegates attended from every corner of the globe to discuss, develop a better and of course learn about the health of world education. The theme for the convention was around Co-exist and Co-create. Topics at the heart of discussion included the massive world migration and refugees causing millions to miss their education, as well as the ever-changing face of education through the world growth in technologies.   

It was the most amazing experience. I attended workshops, seminar, panel interviews and whole delegate presentations. I met and discussed education issues as well as describing where in the world the Isle of Wight Studio School was in relation to the UK and what we do with professionals from China, USA, Norway, France, Colombia and Ghana to name but a few. What came across loud and clear was the significant place that emotional and social learning played in the most advanced and successful innovative education systems across the world – something we at the Studio School are proud to claim is central to much of what we do.

I have returned with many exciting ideas to roll out in the near future at the Studio School and much information to share with other colleagues on the island and across the UK. 


Qatar is an incredible country which in its ‘modern’ form is only 50 years old. However, it is an incredibly wealthy land with opulent buildings, cars and architecture.  It certainly opened my eyes to a culture that I was quite unfamiliar with. It was a  great privilege to meet the warm and engaging Qataris who welcomed us all to the summit which was hosted by members of Qatar royal family and government.’


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