Students and staff from the IOW Studio School enjoyed an amazing day out visiting The Dickens Christmas Festival at Portsmouth Historic dockyard.

The festival included many classical Dickensian characters such as Oliver Twist, Scrooge, Miss Havisham and the American magician David Copperfield. The Christmas market was packed; filled with people, filled with food and filled with excitement. There were so many stalls, selling a range of handmade crafts and freshly cooked foods. From turkey roast wraps and fish and chips to knitted scarfs and wooden reindeer, the atmosphere was fabulous.

Laura Resiegh, aged 15, said: ‘We saw the sights of H.M.S Victory and H.M.S Warrior and were lucky enough go on them. We ended the day wanting to come back next year.’


Maisie Revert Yr11 student


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