Our Ethos, Visions & Values

Our Ethos

All children have a right to a challenging, broad, balanced, relevant and exciting education, which provides continuity and progression and takes individual differences into account. Our school curriculum is planned to meet the requirements of 21st century young people through utilising the unique Studio School vision.



To provide outstanding education for every child raising their aspirations and igniting a passion for lifelong learning.

To be ambitious for all children personalising both academic progression and personal development to achieve outstanding outcomes and achieve ambitious goals.




  • The success of our learners is at the heart of what we do
  • Every person is treated with the respect and dignity they deserve and we promote equality of opportunity and celebrate diversity
  • Innovation and creativity are encouraged as we strive for excellence in everything we do
  • We conduct our work with openness and transparency and welcome constructive challenge
  • We share ideas and work towards our goals together
  • We believe in the value of learning to help everyone thrive and realise their goals
  • We develop our people to ensure brilliant future careers for all
  • We celebrate success
Our school aims to
  • Encourage every child to exceed their personal best in all they do
  • Foster a love for learning through enquiry based learning built on driving questions, encouraging independent thinking, goal setting and critique and personalised learning pathways
  • Develop “real” employer partnerships fostering in young people the right approaches to their future careers
  • Create and maintain an exciting and stimulating learning environment through adopting the CREATE framework and providing outstanding enrichment opportunities
  • Develop confidence, self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Ensure we deliver relevant academic qualifications and secure literacy and numeracy
  • Foster an ability to relate well to people and help others do their best
  • Develop a lifelong thirst for knowledge
  • Ensure all of our students take pride in their achievements and resilience in their actions
  • Enable our young people to be confident with new technologies
  • Cater for the needs of individual children of both sexes from all ethnic and social groups, including the most able and those who are experiencing learning difficulties
  • Facilitate children’s acquisition of knowledge, skills and qualities which will help them to develop intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically, morally and aesthetically, so that they may become independent, responsible, useful, thinking, confident and considerate members of the community
  • Recognise the crucial role which parents play in their children’s education and make every effort to encourage parental involvement in the educational process
  • Ensure academic rigour to achieve very good outcomes to students
Our students should
  • Learn: to be adaptable; solving problems through enquiry based learning and in a variety of situations; how to work independently and as members of a team
  • Develop the ability to make reasoned judgements and choices, based on CREATE skills
  • Be happy, cheerful, well balanced, enthusiastic and eager to put their best into all activities
  • Acquire a set of moral values, such as honesty, sincerity, personal responsibility, on which to base their own behaviour
  • Be expected to behave in a dignified and acceptable way and learn to become responsible for their actions
  • Become well rounded, confident and highly employable
  • Develop tolerance, respect and appreciation of the feelings and capabilities of others in an unbiased way
  • Take ownership of their progression and independence in their approach

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