Steps to Success at IOW Studio School

Steps to Success at IOW Studio School

IOW Studio School students have enjoyed an additional boost to help ‘kick start’ the all important programme of revision for the 2019 exams.   The School’s ‘Steps to Success’ saw all students taking in part two dedicated workshops over the course of a day to learn...

Exam Results August 2018

“Once again, I am so proud of our students for their efforts and the staff who have worked so hard to prepare them for these public examinations in such a relatively short time since joining us. Following such a difficult summer for all those at and associated with...

Be safe around water this summer

Beware of the dangers of water – children can drown even in shallow water so be extra careful of your kids near paddling pools, ponds, rivers, the sea & swimming pools this summer. Older children can also be at serious risk when playing in or near water!...

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