Exam results

Exam Results

The Studio School model is a unique curriculum designed to close the gap between academic achievement and the key skills employers are looking for.  Therefore, our curriculum model does not include the full range of qualifications necessary to meet the requirements of progress and attainment measures or the English Baccalaureate.

The following data is from the DfE unvalidated data release which is currently missing some key qualifications. This will be recognised in the validated data release in January 2018.


Progress 8 -0.56

English Progress -0.44

Maths Progress -0.11

Attainment 8 33.91

English Attainment 7.74

Maths Attainment 77.25

English & Maths Grade 5 or above 17%

Students entered for English Baccalaureate 0%

Achieved English Baccalaureate 0%

Compare School Perfomance


Progress 8 – 0.71.

English Progress 8  -0.13

Maths Progress 8 -0.55

Attainment 8  38.96

English Attainment 8  9.65

Maths Attainment 8 7.80

Percentage of students who achieved grade C or above in both maths and English 39.24%


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