Exam News

Year 11 Progress Tests 23rd-29th November

Friday 23rd November: Digital Media and Health & Social Care

Monday 26th November: Maths, History and Geography

Wednesday 28th November: Science

Thursday 29th November: English Language Paper 2

The tests will be one of the papers the students will sit in the 2019 exams.  There will also be a variety of activities to reflect on the exam taken and their next steps to best prepare for GCSE.  Students have been issued with revision lists pertaining to the tests they will sit and regular independent study to help guide their revision.

Results will be available at Tutor Evening on Monday 17th December and parents will be invited in to discuss the progress their child has made and interventions that will take place.

Candidate Exam Handbook 2017-18

Steps to Success Booklet 2018

Trial Exams 25th February – 7th March

Trial exams will take place over a two week period.  Students will be issued with revision lists and parents are invited to meet with subject teachers during our Learning to Revise Week on Monday 4th-Thursdasy 7th February.

Revision Sessions

Revision sessions take place weekly for students on Monday and Wednesday after school, where students can drop in to work with their subject teacher or are invited to work on learning gaps.

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