Exams 2017

Date Exam
Tuesday 16th May (pm) Core Science: Biology (60mins)
Thursday 18th May (am) Core Science: Chemistry (60mins)
Friday 19th May (am&pm) Engineering exam at the college
Monday 22nd May (am)


English Literature: Paper 1 (105mins)

Geography: Unit 1

Wednesday 24th May (pm) Core Science: Physics (60mins)
Thursday 25th May (am) Maths 1 (90mins)
Friday 26th May (am) English Literature: Paper 2 (135mins)
Monday 5th June (am) History: Paper 1
Tuesday 6th June (am)


English Language: Paper 1 (105mins)

Geography: Unit 2

Thursday 8th June (am) Maths 2 (90mins)
Friday 9th June (am) Additional Science: Biology (60mins)
Monday 12th June (am)


English Language: Paper 2 (105mins)

Geography: Unit 3

Tuesday 13th June (am) Maths 3 (90mins)
Wednesday 14th June (am)


Additional Science: Chemistry (60mins)

History: Paper 2 (90mins)

Friday 16th June (am) Additional Science: Physics (60mins)
Monday 19th June (am) Further Additional Science: Biology (60mins)
Wednesday 21st June (am) Further Additional Science: Chemistry (60mins)
Thursday 22nd June (am) Statistics (120mins)
Friday 23rd June (am) Further Additional Science: Physics (60mins)

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